About Us

The Women’s Classical Committee was founded in the UK in 2015, following the lead of the Women’s Classical Caucus in the USA and the Society for Women in Philosophy in the UK.

The launch of the WCC took place at the Institute of Classical Studies on 11th April 2016.

Its founding members are:

  • Dr Rosa Andujar, University College London (Steering committee, 2015-17)
  • Dr Carol Atack, University of Oxford/University of Warwick (Treasurer) (@carolatack)
  • Dr Emma Bridges, Open University (Part-time and alt-ac liaison) (@emmabridges)
  • Dr Susan Deacy, University of Roehampton (Disability liaison, staff and post-PhD)
  • Dr Jane Draycott, University of Wales Trinity St David (ECR liaison) (@JLDraycott)
  • Rhiannon Easterbrook, University of Bristol (Graduate liaison) (@RigantonaE)
  • Dr Lisa Eberle, University of Oxford (Steering committee, 2015)
  • Dr Liz Gloyn, Royal Holloway University of London (Administrator) (@lizgloyn)
  • Dr Katherine Harloe, University of Reading (Co-chair, 2015-16) (@KatherineHarloe)
  • Chloe Hixson, University College London (Disability liaison, post-grads)
  • Dr Lucy Jackson, University of Oxford (Steering committee, 2015-17) (@LucyCMJackson)
  • Joanna Johnson, Head of Classics, Solihull School (Schools liaison)
  • Dr Victoria Leonard, University of Cardiff (Co-chair, 2015) (@tigerlilyrocks)
  • Prof. Helen Lovatt, University of Nottingham (Steering committee, 2015-16) (@HelenLovatt2)
  • Dr Katherine McDonald, University of Cambridge (ECR liaison) (@Katherine_McDon)
  • Dr Amy Russell, University of Durham (Steering committee, 2015-17)
  • Dr Irene Salvo, University of Göttingen (LBGTQI liaison) (@IreneSlv)
  • Prof. Amy Smith, University of Reading (Email list and website)
  • Dr Efrossini Spentzou, Royal Holloway University of London (Part-time and alt-ac liaison)
  • Dr Elena Theodorakopoulos, University of Birmingham (Steering committee, 2015-17)

You can find out more about our aims here. Our upcoming events and any other announcements will appear here.

This is a temporary website created by Katherine McDonald – we will announce the launch of our permanent website in due course.


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